Contest Committee

Meet the Central Coast Writers Contest Committee!

Tia Araminta - Contest Director

In her second year running a large-scale writing contest, Tia is very grateful for her committee members below! 

Tia is a writer who just completed her first novel.  She writes fiction, screenplays and teleplays.  A spin-off short story of her novel placed in the prestigious Mark Twain Humor Writing Contest.  She has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and during the day she serves her time in prison.

Janice Konstantinidis - Technical Chair and Social Media Coordinator
Janice Konstantinidis is both an Australian and an America Citizen. She lives on the Central Coast of California with her husband and two dogs.

She has been writing shorter pieces, prose, poetry most of her life. Janice is currently writing her memoir, which chronicles her time spent as a child laborer in a Magdalene Laundry in Australia. She intends to write a book of limericks as well.

Janice won four awards in the 2013 Lillian Dean Writer's Contest. First and second place in 'Creative Non Fiction Memoir', and second and third place in Poetry. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Tasmania, a Bachelor of Letters in English Literature from The Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Canberra. She also practiced as a Gerontologist for many years.

Janice is writing a Wikipedia page about the institution where she was incarcerated - Mount Saint Canice.  
Contact her by email at

Laura Emerson - Contest Submissions Coordinator
Laura Emerson moved from Pacific Grove to San Luis Obispo in November 2015 – and asks herself every day why she didn’t do it sooner. Having retired approximately three years ago from the day job, she’s now able to devote her time exclusively to writing. Intent on assembling a
collection of her short stories, a quick visit to Colton Hall for a reference check, sidelined that project when the curator told her no one has written about the truly unique gathering of delegates in 1849 who declared California eligible for statehood and as a free state, then proceeded to write their own stunning constitution.

Laura holds a BA in psychology/creative writing from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she graduated at the tender age of 51. She’s a longtime member of the California Writers Club, first as a charter member of Central Coast Writers (Monterey Peninsula) and now with the Coastal Dunes branch. Her nerHumerous interviews of “very interesting people” have been published in American Profile magazine and Monterey Peninsula magazine.

Diane Smith - Marketing Outreach Coordinator 
Diane is a California-certificated teacher and counselor, freelance writer and illustrator. Diane is an award-winning writer of short fiction and nonfiction. A proud member of SLO-Nightwriters, she has been published by Haunted Waters Press, Leodegraunce, GreenPrints, Tolosa Press,
Modern Serenity, and Exemplary English. When not teaching or slaving over a hot computer, Diane reads, paints and plays (with her dog and flute) at home on the Central Coast. Look for Diane’s upcoming children’s literature series, inspired by her kids, past and present, furry and furless. Check out her blog at:

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